As of today, Crimespace appears to have 1826 members, but most of the activity is generated by a relatively few regulars. I'm curious how many other folks are checking in and reading anything, even if they don't post regularly. This is a great site, but it would be a shame if it's really only a couple of dozen people talking amongst themselves. Is there a way to find out? Feedback, anyone?

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I don't know. I've been having a great time talking to the regulars. My guess is that it is because of the regulars that the lurkers look in. And they are very welcome indeed!
I still log in every now and then, read a selection of comments and check to see what all the "writers" are doing.
I don't like to clutter the site with comments - but I do keep an eye on you all.
Uh Oh. Now we have to behave 'cause Ruth's got her eye on us.
I used to be be quite active. I don't get the alerts I once did, so now I don't check in as often. Gonna have to make a point of it, though.
I check in daily but rarely post. My fear is that if I start chatting regularly, I won't stop; and then I'll be writing even less... crime. And I am already the Queen of Procrastination.
I've not been around a lot recently because of the house / farm / office / cidery move from hell but I'm getting used to living without knowing where anything is, so I'll probably be a little more active. Having said that, a lot of the discussion here is writer centric and it's can be tricky for a reader to find a toehold, especially if you're new.
I don't characterize myself as a lurker because I comment/blog/post every now and then. I was interested in reading the responses to this topic, though, and I agree with Karen that maybe too many of the discussions are too writer-centric. Maybe we should all make more of an effort to get into some more reader-centric discussions.
I don't post often, but I'm in here at least a couple times each day. It's a great site, and there's a lot of information in here, but even though I've been published, I do only have one book under my belt so I'm not as experienced as a lot of people in here. It is hard for someone like me to start a discussion or even join one sometimes because they sometimes concern things I'm either not involved with or familiar with. Please do not take that as criticism though. Reading through these types of posts is a wonderful way for me to learn and I have picked up a lot of resources from here. Joyce
The site gets about 300-700 unique visitors a day, with most only spending a few minutes. It's interesting that this level of activity has been fairly consistent for more than a year now.

My guess is that, like many social network sites, new members have a honeymoon period where they are very active. This seems to last a few months. Most members that have been around a while don't check in often, but there is that core group that stick around.

Most of the activity is people checking the front page to see if anything's new, so I imagine these are the lurkers. There's still plenty of chatting happening on member walls, but I long ago gave up on keeping up with that!

Lurker activity has also bumped up a little lately, seeing as Crimespace's forum has been added to

Thanks Graham!
Wow! We made it to Crimespot. Great. Daniel, you're brilliant.
Nah, it's Graham Powell that's the brilliant one.
I meant that the distinction is due to the site. Your work.


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