Just got the news. It looks like I need a publisher again. I haven't quite absorbed the implications of this, and I'm sitting here looking rather foolishly at the notes for the nearly finished manuscript of novel number eight. Number seven is still unpublished, and I'm being told that I need to write a different series if I want to sell any more of my work. Pity poor Akitada, cut off before his prime.

Any publishers out there who'd like to continue the series???

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I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction. I'll betcha a cold glass of Coke that inside a month you'll have a publisher for the Akitada series. Of course that means you're actively pursuing one, which I know you are.

One month. Mark it on your calendar.
I hope you're right. I'm waiting for my agent's word on her plans. Usually the process takes months. We are looking at smaller publishing houses with a record of picking up good series that have been dropped.
I periodically receive an email from Amazon.com on books I might enjoy. This morning's email included "The Hell Screen." Thought you'd like to know.
What? You must have been buying the competition. Just kidding. Amazon is very good about promoting authors. That's why I buy from them.


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