I have given up trying to connect my RSS feed from my Hook'em and Book'em blog to the CrimeSpace blog section. I cut and paste everything--paragraph or two, including a photo--to the CrimeSpace blog site, with a link back to my own blog. I never know how this CrimeSpace blog will turn out. Rarely can I get all the test to show when one scans down the list of blongs here. My text just vanishes after a few lines. Then the CONTINUE link with show. How can I fix this?


Today, the blog starts off with my byline, then jumps down to ... CONTINUE. Here is what showed have appeard (and does appear on the MY Page site):


By Mark Young
Hate crimes and domestic terrorism investigations came to my mind  recently from two different sources— an arrest of a man accused of planting a bomb during a Martin Luther King Day celebration near my home and a recent airing of the television series Justified. That’s right—my mind works in strange ways. Just bear with me for a moment.
The first case involved a 36-years-old man recently arrested at his home and charged with planting a bomb along the route of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Spokane, Washington. Fortunately, the bomb failed to go off and an alert city worker informed the police ...

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Edit the blog post and go to html view and post what's in there. Maybe we can spot what the problem is.
Thanks, John. I am about to be without my computer for about a week. Should have posted this after this.I'll check back when I get it back see what might be going wrong.Appreciate your help.


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