Bond, James Bond... Finally on eBooks... What do you think?

Today is progressive and the late Ian Flemming, who I understand, was not a technophobe, would agree...  Ian Fleming's James Bond books are now published digitally in the UK for the first time, but not through their current print publisher Penguin. The e-books instead are to be published by Ian Fleming Publications, which has administered the rights to the Fleming estate since the author died in 1964.

The fourteen 007 titles, including the first book Casino Royale, were released today on Thursday (4th November) and will be available via Amazon and, as well as other e-book retailers.


Are you excited to perhaps re-read these classics on your Kindle/ Sony eReader/Kobo/Nook/etc.? I still have the pulps myself...


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I actually just got an omnibus hardcover version that has 5 of the tales within

They still have punch to them 50 years later. Dare I say, the prose still stands toe to toe against today's bets such as Cussler and Clancy.

The downside was I had heard they are selling for 8.99 apiece.....Isn't that a little steep? I mean, naturally the NAME...Fleming... has enough clout to it where they shouldn't sell at 1.99 but none of the books are over 150 pages individually. I would think 4.99 would be a better offer if they want to attract a bigger audience than JUST the die-hard longtime fans who now own Kindles and would want a book or three to read

After all, there's a whole new generation that have, at best, ONLY seen the last two films that featured Craig-- and if not that, they're playing the games (like, Blood Stone).

Maybe they should push some advertising buzz in gaming magazines and see if they can attract more than the usual Bond crowd

And in case anyone doesn't yet know....Jeffery Deaver has just turned in his new take on Bond with a novel thats so far known only as.... Project X.

Word is it will be released in May 2011 plus a different author will write each new novel, for a time depending on sales.

Now, if MGM can untangle it's financial strife and get back to filming Bond 23.... us fans will have some celebrating to do since 2012 will be the 50th anniversary of the films and 2013 will be the anniversary of the books.

James Bond will return........
But as Craig said in Quantum of Solace.... "I never left."
Thanks for your reply!

I couldn't agree with you more... lean writing and clean writing like Ross MacDonald, another of my favorite writers... The price point is set too high though and lowering it to $4.99 would only sell more downloads, which in turn, would make up in sales volume.

I read about Jeffery Deaver, sounds interesting.

I'll always be a fan of Connery as Bond, but actually liked Daniel Graig the best out of all the other 007s, but Quantum as a script/film was convoluted and didn't work for me personally.

I have no doubt the new, restructured MGM will emerge stronger... everything is changing in Hollywood with new technology and digital media and games and transmedia storytelling are the focus with the studios and executives out here.

Fascinating, this scramble for e-rights after the fact. And, interestingly, the owner decided to self-publish rather than negotiate for rights with Penguin. I just had a nasty taste of what publishers will do to get their hands on e-rights.
I. J.
Sorry to hear and thanks for your response. I do personally think, and it is only my opinion, that authors should consider going beyond copyright and extending into trademarking in this evolving area of digital media to further protect their work. There are many new platforms developing and authors now need to keep their finger on the pulse of this new movement which extends into mobile, gaming, etc.
In what way is trademarking better than copyright? (I should add, that I wasn't dealing with a copyright issue, but rather with after-the-fact contractual matters.)
Trademarking can be very helpful when creating a potential franchise like Ian Flemming did or say Harry Potter. Intangible property is sometimes better protected by trademarking. James Bond's PPK gun was recently debated by the USPTO. This is an interesting and complex area that when you start thinking of a book as a potential brand, then it may make sense... authors create and construct universes and the question is: how much of that universe should their publisher share in? It would be case by case I suppose...
Ah, yes. I see. Thanks. And that covers all other uses also.


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