Book clubs - how do you find them, and which ones buy books?

My latest blog post describes the wonderful book club experience I enjoyed at Lake George last Sunday. I sold lots of books, and the experience rekindled my enthusiasm for doing in-person appearances and signings. The women of the Illiterati book club actually expressed a sense of responsibility about buying my books. Since I'd driven 65 miles and wasn't being paid for my time, that was the least they could do, some said.

I posed some questions at the end: What are your experiences with book signings? Which venues work best? Where have you found audiences most likely to buy? What about group vs. individual signings? And where do you find those wonderful book clubs, anyway?

I'd love to hear your opinions, either here, on my blog, or both.

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I'd love to be on your Poisoned Pen Conference panel, re: social action. Could you use a fifth wheel?? I only write about moral and ethical issues in my suspense novels. For example, my first book Deadly choices was about a female paramedic on Chicago's West Side who kidnaps the baby she's just delivered and gives it to her best friend, a Born-Again christian, to raise as her own. Friendship, trust, betrayal. When I moderate book clubs on myown book, we get into some pretty heavy discussions on what it takes to "step over the line."


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