We've had some spirited discussions in the "Forum" regarding publishers, royalties, marketing efforts, etc. Author M.J. Rose offers her experience and perspective on marketing and publicity efforts at the link below. You might find it interesting.


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I would agree, Dan, about the "needy, trustful" client if the whole operation is a scam. But M.J. Rose is a pretty well-known and successful writer. I would hope that the service she's offering is not a rip-off. And she makes no secret of what you get for your money. If authors who use the service are finding some success, it would make sense to publicize the fact and draw even more customers. I've found most writers to be very helpful when it comes to information that might be helpful to other writers. This website is a great example. Of course, if the book being promoted on Author Buzz is poorly written, the service isn't going to help.
"If authors who use the service are finding some success, it would make sense to publicize the fact and draw even more customers."

Yeah, you'd think so if this was a new service, or if there was a lack of interest, but because Authorbuzz features just 4 authors per month, the number of clients is finite. You actually have to book a slot 4 - 6 months in advance of when your book releases if you want to use it.
Dan -

MJ's built a network of contacts, and she rents those contacts to authors who contract for the service. It's not rocket science, and it's not deceptive either.

Yes, there are plenty of scammers looking to "draw in the client who is needy, hopeful, and trustful." MJ isn't one of them. Did you look at her list of clients? David Morrell, Allison Brennan, Kyle Mills, C.J. Box, Eric Van Lustbader, Heather Graham, Stephen J. Cannell, Jon Land, Carla Neggers, Linda Fairstein, Wendy Corsi Staub, Debbie MacComber, John Lescroart, Lee Child - all New York Times bestselling authors - all authors who've used Authorbuzz - some more than once. I hardly think they fit your description.

Of course Authorbuzz isn't for every author. As I said earlier, publicity on this scale won't help sales if the product isn't readily available. Whether it's Authorbuzz, or an ad in The New York Times, if the reader can't walk into any bookstore and easily make the purchase, the advertising won't work because it has no where to go.

MJ's service is just one way of getting the word out, that's all. A few people on this thread wanted to hear from someone who'd used Authorbuzz, so I spoke up. Didn't expect to get charged with being too naive to realize I'd been scammed, but at least I'm in good company!
I am a new author and my book has only been out since June 2010. I am going to use Author Buzz in December (they are booked for October and November) so I will let you know how it goes.

I like what you have to say! If the book is good and worth the read, it will sell.
I agree with some of what others have said. The thing is, when you have to shell out so much cash, on something, you can't be sure if it helped you sell actual copies. It might expose you to contacts, etc, but that's no guarantee that even helped sell any books for the person who used it. If a book's gonna sell, it's gonna sell. If it's not, it's not. That's how I look at it. People can do what they want, but I believe that unless you see some kind of guarantee, save your money because you can do a lot in terms of promotion for free if not more. That's why if you look at it, some folks say promotion really doesn't sell books.

You start to wonder because that might be true. It might be up to fate because I know authors who promote their butts off and aren't selling well and I know authors who don't promote their titles much at all (some if any), but are selling books. Some say it's the back list that's the key and I'm beginning to wonder, what exactly is a guarantee? Nothing. Anyway, I believe in fate. I believe things are gonna happen the way they are gonna happen and we don't control the outcome. I promote because I like it and I have fun doing it. I also believe authors should do some promotion but it's up to them if they don't. The bottom line is sales and if you are an author who can sell well without having to do tons of promotion, which some authors can, then more power to that author. LOL.

But I firmly believe in saving money for certain things. I've seen too many authors go broke shelling out thousands for promotion things that didn't seem to do a bit of good. Some of them could have done the same stuff offered to them on their own for free.

Best Wishes!



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