I've got a book coming out in February and am planning a book tour.

There are mystery bookstores in all the cities I plan to visit except one.  Las Vegas.

Does anyone know if there are any mystery bookstores left in Las Vegas?  And does anyone  know if any of the Las Vegas bookstores host author events?

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Have not seen a book signing in Vegas posted here in a while. Does your publisher have a marketing department, or at least a list of stores? If you're self-pubbed, you won't find many stores anywhere (except home) where they'll  schedule a signing for you. It's tough out there.

Jack is right and makes great points. Heck even if you aren't self-published it's hard to secure a signing these days. If you can't guarantee the signing will have s successful turnout it's hard to get stores to wanna host you. Also a lot of bookstores have cut out their events and no longer even host signings. I know some independent stores here in Houston that no longer host signings. They said it wasn't worth it and people didn't come out to see the authors. If I were you I'd save my money and try to promote in ways more worthwhile unless you just wanna have a tour just to have one. Tours aren't even the best way to sell books. I think book tours are going the way of the dinosaur along with bookstores. Most times they are not worth it unless the pub is paying for everything and we know these days that's not happening.

People still do book tours???? LOL! Just kidding.



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