I've just made a book trailer, and I've been planting it about the internet. I noticed that on Crimespace, it's only had two views, and those are both from me. It's done rather better elsewhere.

My question to authors and readers is, do you think book trailers help to sell a book? Have you ever bought a book because it had an irresistible trailer? And how do you promote the trailer so that it gets a chance to promote your book?

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One thing to keep in mind, is that the idea isn't that people see your trailer and rush out to buy your book.

The win for a book video is that they come to your page.  That's what these things are, bait to get people to come to your page, maybe be interesting enough people mail them around and get more eyeballs.

Another thing is, they aren't book reports.  I see SO many trying to tell the whole plot. Why?  


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