Only about five weeks left. Are you going? Anyone have an interest in a Crimespace get together?

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I'm thinking about it, but not being on any panels or anything I'm not sure what I'd do there. Drink, maybe.
For me, I've found the panels I'm not on are the most interesting.

Not sure at the moment if I'm going, but maybe...
I'm going! Can't wait :o)
Hi Donna,
I'm looking forward to seeing you again, esp. since we almost share the same book title. :) Yours is funnier, though!
- Beth
I'll be there. I'll even buy Loomis a drink, if that will get him to come.
I'm going. Dana and I were talking about getting together Fri or Sat evening. If I throw in a drink for Loomis, too, maybe we can drag him to Indy.
I'm there--just booked at the Hyatt. Make mine a Knob Creek, plenty of ice.
My only question is, where's the jam and who's bringing their instruments?
Don't tell me you play the guitar, too?
I've been playing for 35 years and still can't put together a decent solo over a blues progression but, yeah--love playing guitar unreasonably. You?
Exactly the same. I played rhythm guitar in a long-suffering, no talent garage band. No real solos here either; a couple of licks.
Well, maybe we can put together the Bcon Big Ugly Blues Band on Saturday night, if there's a venue... I can bring a guitar and an amp, since I'm driving.


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