Only about five weeks left. Are you going? Anyone have an interest in a Crimespace get together?

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We should have signed up for the Thursday night "Talent Show." But I bet we can find a room where they're playing music. Was last year.
Put me down for "Before You Accuse Me" in C. We'll trade off on the solos.
You coming, Jude?
Maybe. I should know for sure by next week.
Should we try to pick a time Friday or Saturday evening to meet in the Hyatt (convention center) bar? Last year seats were hard to find at cocktail hour, but the standing room only was fun.

Jon needs to check when the St. Martins party is. All the big pubs host events.
My lovely editor says Friday--you want to be my date, Jack?

As for the Hyatt, anybody staying on the club floor?
I wormed an invite to St. Martins' party last year. I got to meet Ken K, but felt a bit awkward and split when my host did (she wasn't SM either). Two years in a row might be pushing my luck -- but hell yes I'll be your date. The drinks are free.

Don't where the hotel put me. I'm busy Friday until 6, volunteering at the reg.desk.
The party's for SM authors. I'm not one. Chances are good you're better looking than me, however, so maybe Jon will take you instead.
Can't go this year - wish I could - but it's not too early to think about Left Coast Crime...
I'm thinking about it. The Crimespace blues band would be really cool. I can play guitar and drums and sing a bit. And I can drink.
There's my niche, I can be a designated drinker.
Cool! All we need is a bass player. If you think I suck on guitar, you should hear me play bass!


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