Only about five weeks left. Are you going? Anyone have an interest in a Crimespace get together?

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I played bass for a year. Stick to blues progression, I can hang with the drummer.
Where are we going to get drums?
I don't think we can actually do this unless we're doing the talent show (a misnomer in my case, but there it is). We'd need a room, a PA, a drum kit, a backline... fog...
What's the deal on the talent show? I didn't see any info about it on the website.

Lots and lots of dancing at the Extraganza on Thursday night, 9:00pm to 1:00am. All kinds
of free food, including chocolate desserts and cash bar. Virtual Indy race car contests and tons of other fun stuff, too. It's a Party!
I was away at the Colorado Gold writing conference this weekend, so I'm coming in late to this discussion. I'm going to Bouchercon and would love to come to a Crimespace get-together! Jack suggested a Friday or Saturday evening meet in the Hyatt (convention center) bar, but it sounds like he & Jon are going to the St. Martins party Friday, so does that leave Saturday? If so, when Saturday and will someone have a sign or balloon to let us know where we're gathering?
We could all just meet in Beth's room. That would be convenient. ;-)
Ok, we're set. Saturday night in Beth's room
What? What? I go away for a day and look what happens! Wonder what my roommate would think of a bunch of Crimespacers dropping in. ;-)
After my volunteer session is over late Saturday afternoon, I'll set up in the bar at the Hyatt. I'll try to put up something (my hat with a button?) with CRIMESPACE on it.
I've put 6-7 pm Saturday with the Crimespree gang at the bar on my Bcon schedule!
Okay, Curtis and I were at the Hyatt bar from 6-7 pm Saturday night at Bouchercon, but we couldn't spot Jack's hat or anyone else we recognized. Sorry we missed the rest of you!


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