What's the story on this character who seems to do nothing except Blatant Self-promotion?

Isn't there any rule agains BSP with absolutely no other contribution to the site?  

Personally I wouldn't buy any of his books because of it.

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What character?  And yes, there are rules. He's supposed to do that on Blogs.

You know who, I'm sure. But he's not the only one. And even if he does do it only on blogs he still is listed,  sometimes for pages long too,  on the MAIN Page right on top.  And blog or not, I have never seen him contribute one word to anything except his BSP. Unfortunately, in the past few months that is all that is left on Crimespace.

I'll check in once in a while to see if it reverts to its old self.  Otherwise, forgetaboutit.

I know, Jed.  This was once a very active place with excellent discussions.

Jed, feel free to send me a private message if anyone is spamming the forum and I'll look into it.

The rules are right there on the front page and there's a ridiculous amount of information in the help section on promotion.

I think BSP is awful.   In fact there's several mentions of it in my latest murder mystery.   Send me your email address and all of your friends' for a 25% discount.


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