Who would play you, in the Movie of Your Life Story?

Yes, it's a game. The actor has to be at least somewhat like you in manner or appearance.

Friends have suggested Christine Lahti for me, but personally I think Diane Wiest would be a better match.

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Keef looks pretty good, considering.
Sigourney Weaver. People always tell me I look like her, and we both have some masculine traits.
There is no one currently acting that's old enough to play me. Perhaps if we resurrected Karloff...no, too tall. Lugosi perhaps? No, he'd never get the accent right. Alas, I'm afraid that I'll have to go un-portrayed.
How 'bout Jeff Bridges? He was great in The Big Lebowski. Would probably look good on a bike, too. Don't know how he does with accents, but they have coaches for that.
Debbi, my accent is soo bad I even write with a Texas accent.
:) funny!
Michael Keaton. We're about the same age, and both from the Pittsburgh area originally, so he'd get the accent and some of the Pittsburgh-ese I still carry around with me.
I don't have any real people but I've been described by unkind friends as looking like Miss Haversham in the mornings and occasionally like Bride of Frankenstine in the old silent movie, late at night. I was also told I sounded like Miss Fition, in the Film St. Trianians.


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