Feb. contest entries have been approved; we made the cut.  Voting links going live near Feb's. end.  More info as is made available.  ;-)

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My book, Deadwaiter was accepted in a book trailer contest.  I thought the voting was on (#'s 1, 2 & 3 are posted...an advantage?  Guess it's good just to be in the game) but I hear it starts Feb. 18th or thereabout.  I will post link and those of you who have book trailers can enter the next month.  Or vote for moi.  No cash prize but exposure.  Cheers!

Feb. 20th opens up the voting lines.  I'll also post where you can submit your entries.

Link to site is yougottaread.com  Pop in, look around.  Submit your book cover or trailer video for March.

Here we go, gang.  Would appreciate your votes starting 2/21 at   http://yougottaread.com/february-entry-18-deadwaiter/  While there, enter your cover or video for the next contest.  I'll return the favor and vote for you.  Thanks!

Okay, here it is, gang.  Could really use your votes.  Deadwaiter #18 on the list.  While there, enter your video or cover.

http://yougottaread.com/vote-for-your-february-2014-favorite-video-...  Thanks in advance. 

Just curious, has anyone taken up on book cover or trailer video contest at You Gotta Read site?  Let me know, I'll check you out.  Vote for you.  Hope you'll do same for me.  Deadwaiter is #18 on video entry list.  Thanks, gang.

Thanks for any and all YouGotta votes for We won!  The link is posted below should you want to spec it out.  Not sure what the contest promoters are up to for March/April but look into it should you want to enter your covers or trailers.  Good luck to all.  Thanks again.  http://yougottaread.com/category/video-contest/


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