A person on another web site said they read five or more books a week. That's roughly 260 books a year. Krikies! That sound's like a lot of reading stacked on top of a normal every day life. Frankly, I find it damn lucky to have the time to read just 20 a year. But it made me start to wonder. A writer spends a hell of a lot of time fighting their way through a manuscript. Lots of time slaving away on their next book. How many books do they read in a year? Is there an average range a 'normal' writer reads (and define 'normal' by whatever measurement you think appropriate.)

Be brave. Guess what the average number is for you. Heck, I might have to up my numbers and find more time to read myself.

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About one or one and a half a week. I usually am reading two at a time - fiction and non-fiction (usually history or biography).
I read between 2 and 3 novels a week. That doesn't count the book on tape or MP3 download which brings it to 4 novels. And I usually am reading a non-fiction book (on running, writing, or Html, or whatever I need at the moment.) So yeah, I can see the 5 book a week thing. I read a few more of the audio kind when it's actually cool enough during daylight hours to garden.
I read considerably less before my kids were grown--and still read less during the holiday season or when the tv season is back in full swing so I doubt the 260 book a year thing. It's escapism and I'm aware of it, but what the heck. .So is wriitng.
It's not that I can't read that many. . I certainly can make the time. It's just I'm getting more and more critical of how people write these days. It's me more than anything else, I know. But of late I just haven't found too many authors who interest me.
Can't agree more here B.R.

I picked up Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point, Blink and got on a non-fiction kick. I read three books in the span of about 6 days because I couldn't put them down. There are only so many of those. The Road was another I read in about 2 days. Wish I could find more.

I read anywhere from three to five books a week. I also do reviews.

You can check out my review blog here: Red Adept's Kindle Book Review Blog
I read one at time. (wink)

In all seriousness, I don't read as much as I should. It's been low this year due to a number of things that demanded my attention. That will change soon enough. I can't wait to drop a paycheck at B&N.
I usually read one or two books a week. Then I drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas about once a month and that's good for two audio books. I also listen to audio books when driving around town, so all togther I would say between eight and ten books a month.

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I'm usually at about a book and a half a week, it's my relaxation after toiling away on the word processor.
I am way, way, way. . . way! . . . under read!
I know I read on average 2-1/2 to 3 a week because I usually go to the library every other week, and I have to get 6 books to be sure I don't run out before my next visit. Lots of times I finish them, or if I don't, I've only got one left to read. I almost always finish every book I start--I think I've quit reading about 10 books in my whole life. Even if they are bad, usually something holds my attention, and I just have to finish them. Stephen King in his writing book said a writer should read for one hour for every hour s/he writes. Sounds like a good rule of thumb to me. I don't know which I like to do more--read or write. I read every night before going to sleep--usually for an hour or two. And have been for years. So, final answer--at least 140 books a year--probably quite a few more.

I read one book a month for book club and one book a month for my Blog Talk Radio show. That makes about 24 per year, though I do add in others that I read for research and also those that I find interesting. I'm a thriller writers and so my favorites are gripping reads that take me just a few days. I agree though, with all the time poured into my own manuscripts, it's hard to find time to just sit and read.

I'll read 7 - 9 per month, a few more in the summer (my day-job is as a physics/math teacher).


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