If anyone here has managed to publish via CreateSpace, I could use some advice.


I find the entire thing very customer-unfriendly. The information is confusing, and though they promise to walk you through, they don't; they throw stuff at you without any instructions.


I have reached the point where I want to make the cover, using my Kindle cover and adding spine and back info. I have a template for my size of book.  Alas, this is as far as it goes.  There is no explanation whatsoever on what to do with the template.


Any suggestions?



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Hi I. J.,

Yes, the info can be confusing.

I would suggest going on the CreateSpace "Community" site and search "Cover" or anything else for that matter.  Almost any problem that could come up in CreateSpace publishing is talked about there.  And some of these people can do this stuff in their sleep.  I hate them!  But seriously, some are very generous and helpful with their advice. 

If it's still too much, there are also some people there who will do it for you and most of their prices are very moderate.


Jed Power

Thanks, Jed.  That sounds like good advice.

The best book for this is Publishing Made Ez: The Easy Step by Step Guide for Self Publishing Your Book in Print Using Create Space, by Jon Roetman.  Get the hard-copy version of this book.  This really is a step by step guide.

Thanks. I've already bought two books (neither of which discussed covers) plus templates for the text. I hesitate to invest any more money in a project that may not earn much.


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