For anyone who does print books through Create Space, their expanded distribution is now offered for free. I've never understood why one would not be in the expanded program (except for the $25.00 fee--which I willingly paid) but even that barrier is gone now.

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That's good news, David.  I"m surprised they did it though; I thought $25 was a cheap price for that.

I'm sure they had a reason.

Not only that, but I get a refund or two. They do this for very recent sign-ups.

That's right. I think it goes back to some time in September. Alas, my last print book came out in August. 

Yay! I sell more paperbacks through expanded distribution than I do via amazon. Brings the additional cost of a paperback version down to just the cover costs.

How do you tell the difference? I see only the dollar amounts posted by CS and I track the books on Amazon. How do you find out what has sold through bookstores and to libraries???


And as it takes 6-8 weeks to get to Canada, is there a similar delay for all other expanded distribution?


And thanks for posting this. I needed some encouraging news.  :)

You can pick it up off a customised report. It doesn't tell you where it sold, but it does distinguish between an amazon sale and an expanded distribution sale - although that may be because all my amazon sales are from the UK site. No idea on timings though as my sales all seem to show up fairly quickly.

Thanks.  I happen to know about Canada because I e-mailed them, asking why my books weren't available.

I never saw much use for it.  I selected it for my titles, but it's yawn.

AND... my books priced at $11.99  earn $2.26 on amazon,  $4.26 on CreateSpace.... and a big whopping $.26 on the expanded whizbang.  Whoopee


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