I'm starting to realize how much I like this designation.

And wish the rest of the world would fall in with it.   

I'm sure a  lot of people are as fed up as I am with "is it a suspense or a mystery" stuff.

If it's about crime, end of story.


I realize somebody can easily figure out ways to complicate it, but I just wish bookstores and all these writer sites where you have to pigeonhole your book would get with the program.



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How about crime fiction inspired by actual crimes? On my blog: DARK DEEDS, I synopsize an actual case involving serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides. This week:The Murder Checklist

Liz Marinello had a lot on her mind as she left her weekly psychotherapy appointment in Metairie, Louisiana. She was in the midst of an acrimonious divorce.Beyond the sunlit parking lot, traffic was heavy on the afternoon of August 31, 2006. When Liz reached her car, a scruffy-looking bearded man walked up to her and shot her twice in the face....

The Murder Checklist


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