Hey there

I'm new to the forum so excuse if this ends up the wrong place!

Looking for crime novel book about hacking. Read the Stig Larsen series, and really fell in love with all the cyberspace stuff. And watta you know I want more :-)

So any recomandations on good crime novels?

Best Frederik

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You're in the right place. Still, Larsen's books are the only ones I know that deal with hacking etc. Perhaps someone else will know others.

Hey Frederik: You may enjoy my dark crime thriller K.A.R.M.A., which deals with a group of cyber vigilantes, using the Internet in a hunt for their abusers. 

I recommend Jeffery Deaver's The Blue Nowhere.

Cool I'll check it Out :-D Thanks

John Sandford did a series (four books) about cyber hackers named Kidd and LuEllen. They were, in order--The Fool's Run, The Empress File, The Devil's Code, & The Hangman's Song.

Hope that helps.

John Sandford has a series of 4 books about a guy called Kidd who is an artist as well as a hacker. Some of the books go back to the 90s, if I remember, so the tech might be a bit old. But they're an excellent read. He has a longer series about a guy called Lucas Davenport, who is a cop but was also a computer game designer when young. These books all have 'Prey' in the title and are excellent. But if you're looking for hacking as the primary content of the books, pop over to Amazon and look for the Kidd books (not the Prey or Flowers books - another recent series).

Edit: Oh, duh, just read the post by David above ... read others' posts first, Keith ...

Sounds like you might like P.J. Tracy's Monkeewrench series.  It's about a group of quirky people at a software company, based in Minneapolis, who solves murders.  The first book by this mother-daughter team is Monkeewrench.  In that one, a serial killer is mimicking the deaths in a serial killer game developed by the  Monkeewrench crew.

The description of a later book in the series, Shoot To Kill, from the author website: "Grace McBride's Monkeewrench crew has been recruited by the FBI to investigate a series of murder videos posted on the internet.  Using their skills to scour the Net...the team must race against the clock to stop a killer..."

I liked the first one and have been meaning to read the rest.

Is the book: "Want to play" the fist one in that series?

Ohh man I'm loving this forum so many replies! 

Thank you so much!

:-D Frederik

Might want to try some cyberpunk. William Gibson delt with crime and hackers.

I'm currently reading Black List, Brad Thor's newest. Plenty of that stuff in there.


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