As Eastern Hemisphere editor of Noir Nation: International Journal of Crime Fiction ( I am struggling to connect with the many crime writers I know there are in Pakistan and India.  I am still looking for stories for Noir Nation issue 2 (the deadline is December 22) and have a lot of ground to cover to include as many countries as possible.  The few crime writers I am aware of in these two countries have much to offer and something fresh, I want to bring more of that to the rest of the world.  So, this is a call for assistance:

Would folks on Crimespace help me get some names to start following and reach out to? If you know of or have a favorite crime writer from India or Pakistan, would you please post it here?  I would appreciate it very much.

The list will remain open so other people can search them out too. 


Thank you,

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I wish I could help you with your search and I wish you success!


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