I just wanted to share this Salon post from my amiga, hot little Japanese/Mexican cowgirl Keiko Alvarez. You know how I feel about babes fixing up rotten boyfriends with a well-placed shotgun (very positive) and it's fun watching Keiko pull it off, in spades. 

I don't know if this would be called "crime fiction" or not, but this sort of first person think interests me a lot at the moment and loved this little piece.

This is the first thing I've seen by Keiko that isn't erotica, and I think she might have a kind of gift for this sort of thing.  

Don't know if anybody would agree.


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I once heard a scientist who studied brain function say that every act of perception is an act of creation and every act of memory is an act of imagination.  Cammy seems to be saying the event is provocative.  John seems to be saying that the craft of the storytelling is lacking.  Brian's observation confirms Kieko's writing is provocative.  Cammy, you might take a look at Truman Capote's Music for Chameleons.  The stories are all fact-based, but he disregards the distinction between fiction and nonfiction.


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