Has Crimespace died? Has everyone gone somewhere else? Let me know if you have. Seems like nothing but BSP, reviews and blogs now. 

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I look in now and then, but found nothing to comment on.

No, there is nothing to comment on now. As I said, all I see are BSP, reviews and blogs. I enjoyed the site while it lasted.

Well, I don't check out the other areas. Forum was the only intelligent place. Everything else is self-serving.

If not dead then on life support. Not sure what can or should be done.

Hello, Eric. What is new with you?

Hi, Ingrid. I've got a one year-old daughter and three year-old son who keep me hopping. I've turned, in the last year, to screenwriting because of them, at least until they're older. I find it easier to focus on a 100 page project as opposed to a 400 page project given that I'm interrupted (albeit, often joyfully) by those two every ten seconds.

Besides, this selling of my self-published novels is getting tougher and tougher. They used to sell themselves back in 2009-11 but the tsunami of titles has hit...

What's new with you?

Congrats on the kids and being such a great dad!

And as to the tsunami: same here. I'm getting angry again. I used to be angry all the time when I had publishers, because they would promote all their other authors over me. Now the same thing is happening again. KU pays for traditionally published titles the full amount; self-published titles get only $ 1.30 or less. So I have left Select except for a few cheap titles. And since I don't write the crap (read romance, erotica, and fantasy) that sells in the thousands, my sales have become pathetic.

But I carry on. Number 14 of the Akitada series will come out within a few days and I'm starting the next one.

Much good luck with the script writing and the family!

Thanks, Ingrid. Through my alma mater connections I was able to talk on the phone with a top Hollywood agent who advised me to take my script(s) and place highly in one of the major contests in order to jump start my career, so that's what I'm trying to do. The competition's murder, of course, as it is in any of the arts, commercial or otherwise.

Well, good luck! Awards are always worth having.

I still drop in infrequently, hoping to see something interesting, am usually disappointed. So when I put up something to generate a little interest, it gets no response in a day or two, so I have to figure folks aren't as attracted to it as before, probably because self-envelopment eventually dies into a desert. This site is worth having, though, and maybe a little non-BSP news related to the mystery field, maybe even controversy, might help regenerate the audience. But people have to drop by to see it. I sometimes wonder what others here are doing, especially the more active and vocal members. Occasionally, I recommend crimespace to others. Don't know if it's done any good.

Hi, Dan.  Good to see you. Hope life has been kind to you.

Real good, I.J. Thanks. Assume all is okay with you, too. I try to recommend your books to readers I meet--and maybe some stick-- but the ancient Japanese mystery theater is a narrow field with the folks I run into. Lol.


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