Has Crimespace died? Has everyone gone somewhere else? Let me know if you have. Seems like nothing but BSP, reviews and blogs now. 

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Oh.  I see. Well, a number of popular sites are that way.  Passive Voice is. In this case at least the topic of the most recent post is at the top with the time of the most recent comment. I just check that and then go to the end of the comments.

But this is new, it was never this way before.  By looking at the Main Page you can not tell that both I. J. and Stephen have commented. In the past you would see right on the Main Page that they had.  Now the only thing that is posted on the Main are reviews and blogs.  So If someone, like myself, goes on the Main Page it appears no one else is commenting on anything. Before you would have seen it immediately. This was obviously a decision by the operator of the site. As Stephen said, a HUGE mistake. Most people see no new comments on the Main Page so go no further. I know I don't and that we never had to before. If the site wasn't dead before this switchover,it surely finished it off.

Hmm. You're right. Don't believe I ever went there. I go from my own page to Forum.

As do I. I also think there are too many social media. I can't spend all my time marketing. Nothing gets written that way.

Very true, but I come here to chat. Everybody needs a break, and writing is a lonely business.

Hi guys, for some reason it seems that the forum disappeared from the main page. I've resurrected it so hopefully that spurs some discussions.

My visitor stats show me that most people check in quickly on the main or front page to see if anything interesting is going on and then dig in or move on at that point.

Nothing wrong with self promotion on each member's personal blog, but since the forum was removed from the main page it makes it look like it's nothing but BSP.

Let's see if things pick up now. I must confess to not spending the time I used to here but I do check in regularly to approve new members. Many of which are very interested in finding romantic partners ... not crime fiction. Needless to say, I deny those membership applications.

Daniel Hatadi: ... do check in regularly to approve new members. Many of which are very interested in finding romantic partners ... not crime fiction....

You haven't met some of my old girlfriends.     :)

Hi, Daniel.  Hope all is well with you!

There you are I. J., right on "Latest Activity" on Main page, just like it used to be. Maybe that will generate some activity. 

You flatter me, Jed!  :)

What we need is some hot topic.

I have to be careful with that. I want to make friends, not lose them.

But I'll keep watching and hop in whenever I can.

Think there would be any interest in discussing the treatment of alcoholism in crime fiction? The reason this came to mind is that I'm reading one of Jo Nesbo's books, and Harry Hole doesn't behave like any alcoholic I have known.


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