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I started reading Francis very late -- having rejected his books as being just about horse racing and of no more interest to me than other sportstype mysteries.  I was so wrong!  Francis has the most extraordinary protagonists who go through hell to do the right thing.  For my novel, ISLAND OF EXILES, I'm indebted to Dick Francis who taught me a lot about characters and plots. 

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Let us raise a glass to the passing of a master. Dick Francis has been part of my life for twenty years: he's taught me so much about dialogue, pacing, characterisation. I wouldn't be a writer now if not for his influence. I feel as if a distant but much loved uncle has passed away.
I always liked his stuff. I like going to the track a lot, too, so that made them especially fun. RIP, sir.
I'm so sorry to learn of his passing. I've loved his books for so many years.
His ordinary man-cum-hero always hooked me and kept me turning the pages, enjoying a great read. RIP


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