There’s a lot of research evidence out there to support the notion that more than 75% of book sales are earned by the quality of their covers. It’s easy to understand that a strong title and graphics will grab a buyer’s attention – and in a marketplace with more than a zillion titles floating around, an author needs all the edge he or she can get.


Let’s face it, there are some real turkeys out there and no matter what lies between the covers it’s unlikely these books will ever get more than the briefest of glances before a potential reader’s eye roams quickly to the next in line.


So how do authors give themselves a fighting chance of getting noticed? It’s simple – get a cover that makes people pause when they scan the bookshelves or run through the endless pages of listings on the Amazon website. SEE MORE AT:

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Jack--so far, no.  I don't think they see them as comedies in quite the same way I do, though--but maybe I can help them evolve in that regard.  Not sure what you'd throw in here that hinted at humor, though--there's a UFO subplot in this one, so that might work.  Huh. 

Maybe I'm wrong about the screwball mystery. You could be a "literary mystery" with only elements of humor. 

Yeah, maybe use the current version with a UFO included that is not obvious to anyone who isn't in on the joke, though it's right there in plain sight.

I think I see a UFO in the clouds.


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