I need book releases to fill my Coming Attractions column in Kings River Life. I need December ones, but am also scouting for books coming out in 2015. HELP!

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I wish I had seen this sooner, but if it's not too late, please go here for my latest: http://www.seitzbooks.com/terror-strikes-downtown.html

Saw this pretty late, but my novel EMPTY ROOMS (the first book in the Krebbs and Robey Casefiles) is just hitting the market now, and picking up lots of high praise.

Michael Connelly said, "Empty Rooms is a searing, no-holds barred journey into darkness. Jeffrey J. Mariotte knows the key is character, character, character and has delivered a story about men who relentlessly work the case at the same time the case works them. I was pulled in from the start on this one and it never let up. I highly recommend it."

T. Jefferson Parker said, "Empty Rooms is as good and moving as a thriller can be. Keenly observed and deftly written, it’s something you’ll want on your shelf as long as you have one. Mariotte’s characters come off the page at you, and through them, the author spins a tale truly of our time. I couldn’t put this one down."

So how do you get these people to read your manuscript? 

Not sure what you're asking, but I used to be an acquisitions editor. Go for one of the many independent publishers, they have a lot of credibility these days. My new one is Black Opal Books, they are really terrific. There are a lot of mystery imprints as well. When you're onlilne on many sites like Murder Must Advertise, they will name their publisher. I research all of them. 

Jeffrey, I'm sorry I didn't get this earlier! I love Connelly's stuff, will have to read your book.

I wish I could say yes, but still searching for a publisher for my latest manuscript called The Graceland Conspiracy. It deals with you-know-who and certain governmental agencies that forgot what side they were on.

I am also searching for representation for my new Lieutenant James mystery, The Numbered Cups. The previous one, Mystery at Pima Point, has 5 star reviews and is available on Amazon now. 

Jeanie, I'm now with Black Opal Books and I really love working with them. They may be temporarily closed for submissions. There are many small presses out there working hard to get authors published. They never need you to go through agents. 

My new publisher, Black Opal Books, just closed for submissions but I would try them anyway (drop my name if you think it would help). They do 50% royalties and are on the MWA acceptable publishers list. They do quite a bit of marketing as well. 

Later in 2015 I have book six in my Belinda Lawrence mystery series, MURDER ON THE ISLAND to be published. 

Please, Brian, shoot me a launch date, synopsis and cover as soon as you have them! 

Will do, Sunny. Probably not until July.


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