I don't, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested.

Wait, let me re-write that. Too many negatives.

I don't, but I'm interested in them. (That's better)

So I want to know if you use an e-reader to digest your crime fiction. My main means of doing so is still paper and the local Half Price Books. If you're not like me, which e-reader keeps your room glowing at night?

Please note, this is an anti-iPad thread. Meaning, don't argue the merits of the iPad. That deserves its own thread. Besides, I've already decided it's a clunker. And it's my thread. So there.

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I still prefer paper and print books that line my office library shelves. I have never been into reading a book from a computer screen. (I guess it's the glare that I don't like.) However, Barnes & Noble sells the Nook E-reader and it has piqued my interest, but I don't think that will change my preference for paperbacks. Does that make me old-fashioned? Lol.
Amazon sells kindle; Barnes & Noble sells Nook. I would like to actually be able to check one out and see how it works before I invest in one. As a writer I'm all for E-readers and E-books. In the not so distant future my own work may come out in electronic format. But as a reader and a book collector I prefer the original paperbacks,
It's rumored that some B&N stores have Nooks you can play around with before you buy. The ones I've been to kept everything under glass. Maybe that's because they knew I was coming.
My brother works at B&N, and I got to play around with one of the Nooks. I thought it was pretty cool, except for the $255 price tag. I'll probably invest in one.

However, I still prefer browsing the shelves and found it a lot simpler than the Nook when it came to locating titles from my favorite genre.
I don't like reading a computer screen, so I still read paper books, and I don't see myself changing over.

Always swore I wouldn't touch one until something that wasn't closed / locked down - so I recently got myself an EcoReader - it's a lot more alluring than I thought it would be.....

I'm finding it an absolute winner if I'm doing a lot of sitting around waiting, which I seem to spend most of my life doing these days. I take at least 40 books with me as you never know what's going to take my fancy at any given notice, and I have been able to track down some more obscure Australian books that I wasn't able to buy in print.
What's an EcoReader? That's new to me.
I bought the deluxe Sony eReader right before they eliminated the backlit screen on their premier version. Oh well! Regardless, I like it. I still buy more print books than I thought I would, but I definitely like the Sony for travel.

One thing I don't like about it is having to remember to keep it charged. There've been a couple of times when I've grabbed it, gone somewhere, and then realized it's out of juice. But once you get in the habit of making sure it stays charged, it's no big deal.

I don't know how the Sony compares with other readers; I just know that when I bought mine, the choices were that or a Kindle, and I didn't like the Kindle's keyboard. I like the Sony's look and design, and have no plans for replacing it.

Australian only - rebadged / clone of another one whose name has just whooshed out of my head.

Lots of formats supported, hooks up to my Linux laptop without a problem and everything I convert from Calibre downloads onto it without a blink.

Have also now purchased a large range of ebooks, all of which work well.
At some point I'll probably buy an iPad, but at the moment the only things I have time to read are student papers. Blargh.
A couple days ago I bought Dave Zelterman's book 21 Stories for $1.49 and I'm reading them on my iPod Touch. I wish the screen was bigger (maybe someday they'll come out with something that's basically a bigger iPod ;) but otherwise it's a terrific experience.

More and more I find myself interested in reading the kinds of stories that often don't get print publcations.
I was able to play around with a Nook at my B&N. I liked the screen once I got a page up for viewing, but that was the problem. The touch screen keypad was so numb that I kept stacking commands and overshooting the page I wanted. It was too annoying to use in the long term.


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