Out of interest, I wonder what those of you in the USA think of English Beer, which is served at room temperature ?  The "Real Ale" that Inspector Morse used to drink in Oxford.  I have not been to to USA for some years.  But when I was last in St. Louis I enjoyed a strong brown beer, which I believe was called "John Adams" and  named after the 2nd President of the USA 

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In the North West of England we too like our beer with a head.  Over sized glasses, marked to the pint below the rim, are still quite common.  In the South of England, it is as you say, smaller glasses and no froth on your pint.  I completely accept what you say about cellar chilled, as opposed to warm room temperature.  But I will maintain, that like red wine, a good real ale only fully releases its aromas and flavours as it approaches room temperature.

One more thing on my list should I ever get to England.


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