I am aware of a number of great online book reviewers who focus on crime fiction in print. However, I can't say that about reviewers dedicated specifically to those authors who have exclusively published eBooks.

As part of my blog, I interview published authors who have print and eBook releases (after I have read at least one of their novels and feel the author might be of interest to my readers). I'd like to broaden the scope of these authors to include a few quality writers who have braved the eBook publishing gauntlet as their only means of publishing. I don't want to wade through a million digital releases to find those few authors, and I hoped reviewers might be able to cut those numbers down a little bit for me. Like the marine's slogan, I'm looking for a few good writers who might be missed in the digital flood.

Can anyone suggest quality (online) reviewers who seem to put out quality reviews? Thanks ...in advance.

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This one isn't an easy question. I have three mysteries with an e-press (two out, one to come), and the vast majority of my reviews have come through romance review sites. (You might think it's odd to get mysteries reviewed on a romance site, but romance readers read a lot, and they're open to a lot of different genres.) The only person I know who was on a mystery-specific site and reviewed primarily ebooks has since moved on. We're always on the look-out for more places, but most want a paper copy to review. Some will not review anything that's not on the MWA approved publisher list.

Maybe someone else knows more, though.
Thanks for the information, Pepper. I'll keep looking.


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