A follow up on the discussion of PayPal throttling CreateSpace

I ran into this on linked-in, a post by fellow LA writer Szeles

Book bounced for artwork

What kills me about this, apart from having credit-card companies decided community standards for art and decency, is that the offending image is so bland.  One nipple less than Milo's Venus,  Couple inches short of David's penis.  Tame compared to the average ad in Cosmo or Vogue.

This is just really messed up.

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For some reason I feel like reading Albert Camus' The Plague again...

When nipples are outlawed, only outlaws will nurse their grievances.

This is an inappropriate topic for this forum.  It has nothing to do with writing or reading crime fiction.

It's a follow-up to another discussion about PayPal censoring SmashWords.  I couldn't find that topic so I started another one.

It could affect anybody, I would say.  What if they next decide that you can show undraped females clutching their breasts.  How many crime novels would THAT pull off the shelves?

I realize you're just harrassing me, like your stalking off-site and defacing of my amazon reviews, but I think if this isn't a kosher topic, the site owner will tell me.  And I'll be happy to comply because I'm not trying to make trouble or break rules, just chat about writing and publishing and horrendous crimes and all that cute stuff.

It has to do with arbitrary reasons not to publish a book. What's inappropriate about it?

I'm frankly not big on protecting nipples. They aren't terribly prominent on mystery covers.  Now blood is another matter.


So we're all going to have to start writing happy bunny stories if this continues to its logical conclusion.

No, we'll stick with blood and suspicions.

And apparently leave the erotica for the big publishers:




Yup.  They get all the big sales.


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