A follow up on the discussion of PayPal throttling CreateSpace

I ran into this on linked-in, a post by fellow LA writer Szeles

Book bounced for artwork

What kills me about this, apart from having credit-card companies decided community standards for art and decency, is that the offending image is so bland.  One nipple less than Milo's Venus,  Couple inches short of David's penis.  Tame compared to the average ad in Cosmo or Vogue.

This is just really messed up.

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I was think about something like a serial killer who chops the nipples off bunnies.

Looks like Pay Pal reversed themselves here:  http://karendalesauthor.blogspot.com/2012/03/paypal-reverses-propos... .

Nipples have been freed.

Yes, that's what my "good guys win" post was about.

Glad to see you've decided this thread is appropriate.

Just saying.  Don't go trashing my amazon page again.

I didn't trash your pages, only Linton Robinson'.

Oh, well, that's different.  It's OK to vandalize certain people's amazon pages if you don't like them?

You're amazing.   In the sense of "disgusting bully"  

I'm really at a loss for words over this.   I'm just glad people will get to see it, instead of the sneaky stuff you and your boyfriends usually pull.

What a creep.

We're talking about censorship of writing here, and you admit you run around vandalizing author's pages out of petty spite.

Just amazing.


You got my review pulled and posted that crap on mine.
There is no point lying about this -- you've already admitted to trashing a writer's page out of spite.



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