Anyone have suggestions for a few good, established female crime writers?

I've realized that I have never read any crime fiction by women and would like to try some. My tastes tend to run to the noir/neo-noir and hard-boiled genres (Pelecanos, Bruen, Ellroy, Huston, Burke, etc) so if anyone can suggest female writers in that vein, that would be great.

So far, I'm thinking Alafair Burke, Sara Paretsky and Sue Grafton. I'd appreciate any other ideas.


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Looks like I'll be starting with Christa Faust, then Megan Abbott and going on from there. I have a lot of reading ahead of me -- which is kind of the point, right?
If you like legal thrillers (Are they considered crime novels?), read Faye Kellerman and Lisa Scottoline. I also enjoy some of the cozy novels, the ones that you could safely suggest to a maiden aunt. There is a fun series about a reference librarian who solves crimes in her PNW community--just enough spice in the plots to be fun. The series is written by a former librarian (OK, I am biased!). For some reason the author's name escapes me. There are six or so in the series. Main character is named Helma. The books are short and come out in paperback only. If I hadn't released all my copies via, I could go to my shelf and cite the author's name.
Here's an female author who has a style somewhere between James Patterson and Nora Roberts, Karen Bonvillain. Her murder mysteries are fast, fun reads with enough detail to stimulate your interest. Her work is perfect for the person with the busy schedule. Her latest book is, "Who Was Benny Looter? The Body In The Sand?"
I like most everybody's choices. Add Tana French and Jenny Siler.

I join in saying definitely try Christa Faust - she is an award-winner and an excellent writer. I read Money Shot and couldn't put it down.




A lot of good suggestions -- I would add Tee Gerritsen, author of the Rizzoli & Isles series (also the bases for the TV series on TNT), Liza Gardner, Zoe Sharp, Laura Lippmann, Alafair Burke (daughter of James Lee Burke), Allison Brennan.


That should get you started <g>

David DeLee

Back in the 80s I enjoyed the novels of Liza Cody, who had two very hardboiled female protagonists, a PI named Anna Lee and Eva Wylie, who is impossible to categorize. She grew up as a feral street child and lived hand to mouth as a junkyard security guard and part-time professional wrestler. She also got into jams whenever she tried to break out of her isolation.

The Anna Lee stories were adapted for British television, but the lead role was seriously miscast.


I would like to add Karin Fossum, the Norwegian mystery writer whom I've only recently discovered.  I wouldn't call her Insepctor Sejer series "noir" or 'hard-boiled," but they are beautifully and economically written, austere and psychologically insightful, with themes that encompass all sorts of social issues (madness, the need to belong, love, loneliness, overwhelming grief) -- without being preachy.   And, she doesn't always let her detective have all the answers!  Some of the murders are savage, and described without flinching, but ultimately, these are some of the most rewarding mysteries about contemporary life that  I've read.  Oh---and she is "established."  They call her "Norway's Queen of Crime." :)
And to go a bit off topic, in the catagory of female detectives written by men I would recommend James Patterson's Women's Murder Club (after the 2nd or 3rd his co-writer for this series has been female), Jeffery Deaver's Kathryn Dance series & Rober B. Parker's Sunny Randell books. More commercial and less literary, but all great story tellers (IMHO)
Yes, Fossum is excellent.

Aw shucks, can I suggest mine? Absolution is a gritty crime thriller. A killer preys upon young women in New Orleans, where everyone has something to hide. Some of the darkest secrets reside in a parish church. NOPD detective Frank Renzi must battle racial tensions and religious controversy to catch the killer before he murders another woman and delivers his twisted version of Absolution.

Kindle ($2.99) and print versions are here ABSOLUTION

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I've found a few good female crime authors. My favourites are Leah Giarratano and Tara Moss. They are both Aussie authors.


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