Anyone have suggestions for a few good, established female crime writers?

I've realized that I have never read any crime fiction by women and would like to try some. My tastes tend to run to the noir/neo-noir and hard-boiled genres (Pelecanos, Bruen, Ellroy, Huston, Burke, etc) so if anyone can suggest female writers in that vein, that would be great.

So far, I'm thinking Alafair Burke, Sara Paretsky and Sue Grafton. I'd appreciate any other ideas.


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Way way way behind as usual- but I agree 110% about Leah Giarratano - fabulous series.

I have three long time favorites. You need to read their mysteries in order to get the gist of the main characters' personalities and backgrounds and it's fun to watch them grow and strengthen over the years. They are:

Carol O'Connell. Main character is Mallory. First book is Mallory's Oracle.

Marcia Muller. Main character is Sharon McCone. First book is Edwin of the Iron Shoes.

Sara Paretsky. Main character is V. I. Warshawski. First book is Indemnity Only.

Barbara Fradkin- The Mist Walker - excellent, haven't read any others of hers yet, Minette Walters, Allison Brennan, Ann Cleeves to mention a few. 

I didn't see anyone suggest Linda Fairstein.

I enjoyed FINAL JEOPARDY, the first in her ADA Alex (Alexandra) Cooper series.


David DeLee

Brit writer Val McDermid writes gritty hardboiled novels.Check out Wire in the Blood.


Ruth Rendell (nobody does creepy psychological suspense like Rendell) called it "Shocking...stunningly exciting, horrifyingly good."

Rendell is a very good writer.  McDermid does a series of serial killer novels that are competent but are getting a bit old. Her "Singing with the Mermaids" (or some such title) is the only serial thriller novel that I have admired for its superb plotting and pacing.  Of course that was back when thrillers were in their infancy. 

Patronizing -

Oh dear...let me spell it out for you!

A show of disdain and superiority where the person in question considers oneself superior and talks down to whoever he/she is trying to impress.

The word 'patron' basically means "I'm the daddy" - aka...I'm the dogs bollox and I'm '...better than you'

Patronizing whom?  Thriller writers?  A preference for thrillers is a personal thing.  I usually don't go for them. McDermid's have been the exception. And possibly Lee Child's.


Again: Talking down to whom? Certainly not Susan.  Sorry if you felt talked down to because I don't share your taste.

Megan Abbott! She's the real deal!

Tony,  I's not a noir writer, but I am a female crime writer.  If you're in the mood for something different how about giving my clerical thriller a look?  A VERY PRIVATE GRAVE, The Monastery Murders.  Lots of action.


Donna Fletcher Crow

Actually ... just rediscovering Josephine Tey - not hardboiled noir by any means but very interesting characters ...
I love Josephine Tey.  Bratt Ferrar isoneof my all-time favorite mysteryies  Such a great character.


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