Hi, am new to this site and very happy to have joined. There are more authors using Folly Beach as their setting; is anyone familiar with them and what are your opinions on these books?

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Welcome. What is Folly Beach?
I believe it is a small beach town on Folly Island, a South Carolina barrier island and part of the Charleston metro area. (At least, a quick bing search returned that as the most likely candidate.)
forgive my ignorance, but what books are you referencing here?
(And welcome to the forum!)
I'm being very careful not to self-promote so as I am new here let me know if I'm off subject. The books are Death on Coffin Island; A Folly Beach Mystery (mine) which was the first fiction story to be published using Folly as a setting. This was followed by Bill Noel's books Folly, The Pier and AJ Olson's A Lone Palm Stands, Karen White's On Folly Beach and one or two others. Dorothea Benton Frank has one in the works set on Folly as well.........do any of you use a particular town as a setting that seems to be getting a whole bunch of company? Just curious, as I found it odd to see my tiny little beach town so popular all of a sudden!
We're still sort of stuck on BSP. Why not blog about it, and then join in one of the discussion topics on forum?
thanks for the advice...am learning to navigate
Do you remember old Mr. McKevlin who owned the bowling alley and then turned it into a surf shop?
Hello! Will your book use the Dorchester area as a setting? You must remember the old Folly pier that burned down and the big bands playing, the bowling alley, etc. Hmmmm, you might be a good source for me for some interesting Folly history. I was wondering if Pat Conroy would ever use this beach town in one of his books.
Michelle might want to check out the site policy on promotion.
I've read Karen White's book, On Folly Beach, and loved it and loved the setting (she alternates between WWII and present day). Haven't read any of the others.

I don't think it matters how many books have been set there. When I read White's book, I didn't even realize it was a real place.
Funny! It's defintely a real place......a very eclectic, close little beach town....I was just curious as to why after all these years nobody chose Folly as a setting and now so many are. I'm happy about it, it's good for attracting tourists, which we thrive on and also to spread the word about all the great books coming out. I've heard good things about On Folly Beach.....Dorothea Benton Frank is also using Folly as a setting for an upcoming book I hear. If you go on Facebook check out The Sandollar Social Club's page.......lots of fun pics that will show you what the locals are all about!


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