How do you get a cover for your book to Amazon Kindle? I take it this appears only on the Amazon order page, but still.

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My publisher took care of it, I.J.--I've got no idea how one would od it on one's own.
Thanks, Jon. Mine did, too. I'm thinking of some unpublished masterpieces. But I think I scared my agent because she called to tell me not to do that. That they would explore other avenues first.

By the way, Amazon KINDLE published one of my books on their own without permission. In other words, they didn't have the rights. We're about to have them take it off their listing. I found out because a fan e-mailed, complaining about the price. :) You have to watch the bastards like a hawk.
No idea! At the moment I just take satisfaction in stopping another takeover. The battle is being fought by my agents.
Given that Amazon has already had to take down the Orwell books, which someone who didn't have the rights to them published through them, it shouldn't be a surprise if someone pulled the same thing with a lot of people's books. This is something Amazon is going to have to start keeping strict watch on, I imagine. They're going to have to start demanding proof of rights ownership.
Yes, that raises another question: who actually offered my book to Amazon Kindle? My guess was that someone at Amazon noticed that it was the only one of my books that didn't have a Kindle option and created one.
My publisher took care of that. I hope it's something I never have to worry about.
I'm about to go through this Kindle process, I.J., so I'll let you know how it goes. My understanding is that the cover of my new book, The First Excellence, will be formatted to be compatible with Kindle from the get-go. Since my publisher is Booksurge (of the dreaded Amazon family) it should go smoothly. But I've never done this before, so who knows?

Good luck sorting out the Amazon troubles! I hope they treat you properly when all is said and done.
Thanks, Donna. I was going to go directly from my files to Kindle. That meant there was no cover design. It looks very much as though I'll have to take the books to Kindle via a POD publisher who will do it for a share of the profits.
In your case, you shouldn't encounter any problems and your profits are your own. Very nice! Best of luck!


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