If you're in the market for a quick and dirty book trailer, here's a website that let's you create 30-second videos for free. Here's mine.


The best part is, this only took about 10 minutes to make. You just choose a template and music, plug in your text and images, and the website adds all the fancy special effects. Have fun!


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This is interesting.  Another cheap (if not free) avenue is the one I'm taking: I put an ad online where students at the film school here would see it.  I met with a couple of people and am paying one young lady $100 to make a trailer.  She's doing it for her resume and as a chance to experiment with genres (so she tells me).  She said getting actors is easy because they will work for food and want something on their resume. 

(As I type this it sounds a little exploitative, but everyone seems to be getting something out of it, and hopefully I'll get a good trailer!)


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