Hi all,


I hope everyone is well. I am pleased that a fellow reader introduced me to this site. It seems like a great place. I am going to spend as much time on here as I can over the summer and beyond.


I was fortunate to get my debut novel published in November. It was a four-year slog of hard work and perseverence. I think what it shows is it can be done! So I've decided to write here to let you know about the blog I am starting on my Crimespace page - please check it out. In it I will talk about the process of getting my debut, Full of Sin, published. I'd love for it to become a place where discussions are started and ideas commented on - please participate. Each week I'll talk about an aspect of the journey (from idea to publication).


If you take a look at the blog, I've introduced the book and the reception it has had. Please join and help me along on the journey post-publication. And of course we can talk about that all-important step: writing book number two!


I look forward to communicating with you all.

Best wishes,

Karl Vadaszffy

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Welcome, Karl! Believe me, after publication is just as hard if not harder than before you were published is gonna be. You'll be dealing with a different kind of hard though, but it's worth it.

Best Wishes!

Welcome, Karl.

Congratulations on writing a novel and getting it published. Now for the most challenging leg of the writers triathlon, generating sales.
At some level you must feel fulfilled. Now go back to work and produce the next one.
It is definitely a battle and you must feel good. Congrats and Good luck .


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