I am writing my first novel and one of the pleasant surprises (as opposed to the other kind) has been the amount of advice and tips available from the writing community.  I want to hear what more  experienced writers are saying.

Besides checking Crimespace blog postings, what are other good websites or blogs for crime writers/fans?

Who gives Good Blog?

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Most of the really successful blogs list other successful blogs.  Sarah Weinman's CONFESSIONS OF AN IDIOSYNCRATIC MIND isn't really running any longer, but the page is still there.  You might also look at DETECTIVES BEYOND BORDERS, another very intelligent blog.  I'm sure there are more.
Many thanks - Weinman's alone should keep me occupied (distracted?) for a long time and she does show tons of other sites.  I like her personal history, too.

Good luck, Chas!


This website will lead you to 50 other wonderful sites for writers and mystery fans and everything.

Reference to Murder

Thanks - this is great stuff!

Try Bookmasons, Cybervillage, Publishedauthors.com, GoodReads. Also, Murdermustadvertise is a good forum group although they don't accept personal promotion. However, in their files, they list sites for guest bloggers.


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