Found this post by Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware blog: It's Official: DOJ Investigates Google Book Settlement

She discusses not only the launch of the investigation, but lists a bunch of links to articles and commentaries about the settlement and what it means for authors.

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A couple authors I work with found their books on Google Books, too. The books were still in print and they still own the copyright. No one signed anything. And yet they were still scanned and put up online.

A company that bold is not afraid of a DOJ investigation. Something tells me this is going to be a whole lot of nothing.
They should only have been put up in excerpt--mine are, though I object to the length of the freaking excerpt--a chapter would be plenty.
I forget if that was actually the case. Either way, paws off.
Yeah--it smacks of collusion. An organization that has no right to represent me (or thousands of other authors) "negotiates" a crappy deal with a business that essentially gives said business free use of my property, which I'm then required to expressly opt out of if I choose not to participate. It's nonsense, and turns established copyright law and the principle of fair use on their heads.
I still say though, what is truly mind-boggling, is the complacentcy major publishers have taken in this issue. For the life of me I can't see why they don't look at this as a potential dagger-in-a-publisher's-heart kinda thing.

Neil, you had better jump in here and give us some heads-up on this.
Good. I blame Authors Guild for selling us out for 60 bucks. Two of my books have been partially scanned without my permission or that of my publisher. The excerpts are large and come from all parts of the books. In one case that involves the identification of the killer.
Authors Guild and the publishers should have united to bring copyright infringement suits.
I hope this will stop the unauthorized copying. I do not believe for one minute that this sells books. Amazon already offers a glimpse into each novel, and most authors post chapters on the web sites. We do not need Google.


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