Sure, I know it's a horror movie and not a mystery or a crime movie, but as a writer, it taught me a lot about how to slowly build tension throughout a story while keeping the action moving and the audience interested.  For a B movie with no budget, it was a great bit of storytelling. It has inspired me to try to take a slightly different angle in how I tell my stories.

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This movie TOTALLY freaked me out when I was a teenager. For months, I was seeing zombies everywhere. Took me a long, long time to get over it.  Good stuff!

I've seen it at least 5 times and it still freaks me out!

Ha! Now I don't feel so bad!


Seriously, that movie was the first and last horror movie I ever watched. I'm such a wimp (though you'd never know it from my books!)

What I like most about Zombies is their lack of inhibitions.  I do feel bad for them, though.  I could only imagine their medical and dental coverage leaves a lot to be desired.  To be dead for such a short time and yet acquiring such chronic gingivitis must be tough. Yuk. 


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