Great new book about what happens in a Courtroom.

The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom by Donna Ballman. Available Feb 2010.

Not only does this book provide the inside details about the courtroom process, it was created for writers. The details that you need to make your book accurate and believable, I need this now. But I guess I need to wait another month.

I spotted this on Amazon and know the publisher does great work, so this should be sitting in the bookcase behind me soon.

BTW. I've been busy, busy, but I'm still reading the threads. Just couldn't let this gem of information go unheralded.


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Thanks. Please continue to keep us informed on great book finds.
Lynn Price (editor of Behler Publishing) just released The Writer's Essential Tackle Box. It sheds light on the industry from inside the publisher's office (via great interviews) and is one of the better if not best writer's guides I have beside my writing station.



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