Amber Entertainment is teaming with my publisher to develop feature films from their acquired novels. Read all about it here.

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Just proud to be part of the Oceanview team, Dan. It's pretty unusual, if not downright unheard of, for a small press to strike such a big deal with a film company. The horizons for Oceanview authors just got infinitely broader.
How very nice! Congrats!
Thanks, I. J.
Sweet! Good luck to you, Jude, and congrats to Oceanview.

Long time, no see. It's always good to hear from you. Try not to be so obscure in the future.
Haha. Jude the Obscure. :) Thanks, Dana.
That's great, Jude! I agree with you, it's wonderful when you're with a small press that is doing big things. Folks assume just because a press is small it can't break barriers but many of them can and do.

Good luck to you and thanks for sharing!

Best Wishes!
Thanks, Stacy!
Hmm, why do I have the feeling writers will be flocking to send their submissions there? LOL!
Maybe. They already get something like 150 submissions a week, and they only publish 12 titles a year.
WOW! Must be extremely good! Congratulations and wishes for continued success!


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