What do you think of this list ( The List ) of the best fictional crime fighters of all time (from literature)? There are a few notable omissions but who would be in your top three? For me it’s Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe and Lew Archer.


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I agree with you both. Like Child's style and DO like the rootlessness, though there are other qualities I dislike.

Whenever I think of Jack Reacher I think also of the old Fugitive TV series. I like 'em both.

Is Martin Cruz Smith's Arkady Renko on the list?

Yes, he is on there. 


Now THAT'S a crime fighter. Underdog rocks!

No, I think someone made a big mistake overlooking him, or is it a her?

Good books, those by Martin Cruz Smith.

John, Lew Archer was my introduction to the hard boiled PI genre, loved him. As for more recent offerings I'd go with Crais' Elvis Cole & Joe Pike, then Tess Gerritsen's excellent Rizzoli & Isles,and Zoe Sharp's Charlie Fox. I also enjoy Patterson's Women's Murder Club, and for my James Bond-type fix, I'd go with  Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series and his Kurt Austin series.

Thanks for that David. A varied choice and a few new ones to check out. 

I agree about Elvis Cole & Joe Pike. 

Out of left field, and because they're not listed rather than better, but Dame Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley from Gladys Mitchell's (admittedly uneven) seris of books, Jack Laidlaw from William McIlvanney (the father of tartan noir) and Erlendur from Arnaldur Indridasson

Couple of strong choices there.  


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