In 1984 Kristen Strickland enrolled in Bridgewater (MA) State College as a pre-med major. Bright and attractive, she never lacked for boyfriends. In 1986 she met Glenn Gilbert and transferred to a college in western Massachusetts to be closer to him. They married in 1988. Later that year, Kristen earned a nursing diploma from Greenfield Community College.

In March 1989 she got a job at the Leeds Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Massachusetts. Her co-workers were impressed with her nursing skills and dedication. Her supervisors rated her work as "highly skillful" and said she reacted especially well during medical emergencies.

Or so it seemed.

But soon an alarming number of patients began dying on Ward C during Kristen's shift.


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Isn't this promotion?  In that it send readers to your blog?

I write about crime on my blog. What's the problem?

This is the discussion forum.  Blogs and promotion of books etc. tend to go in the "Blog" section. (And make that "sends" above)

I've had several interesting discussions about my crime blog, here and elsewhere. No one is forcing you to join the discussion or go to the blog. DARK DEEDS gets an enormous number of hits. The fact that "criime space" exists indicates that people are interested in crime. 

Negativity gets you nowhere. Why not do something positive and start a blog of your own ... about Japan and its history perhaps. When I taught at Berklee I had dozens of Japanese students. Most were interested in perfecting their English skills. I'm sure there are many other Japanese students at other colleges in the US and elsewhere. Maybe they would enjoy your book. 

You are missing the point.  Well, I guess we have a sort of discussion going here whether we should all mention out books, stories, blogs, promotions on the forum page or put these things in the Blog section.

You may have noticed that you get more notice here.  People look for discussion topics. They prefer that to reading ads.  Nobody much goes to "Blog".  However, solving the problem by loading up the forum with personal promotion isn't going to work.  It will simply lose us visitors.


And it may lose you friends. 

No, you missed the point. My crime blog topics are not "ads." And last time I checked, you are not the person that decides who posts what where. Visitors leave discussion groups when people like you make negative comments. And I don't have time to respond to yours. I'm too busy writing.

On second thought: You are absolutely right.  It's none of my business.  Please go right ahead and post whatever and wherever you please.

As to blogs, I'll paraphrase a certain US cowboy and say I never met a blog I didn't dislike. Maybe there'll be a first somewhere?

LOL --try mine, Byron.  It's got LINGERIE!  What could be nicer than that?

Wow, that's some story.  I assume many true crime books have been done on it.

I've known people like that, always drama, always emergency, always striving to hold live and death in their hands.  I think a lot of police might be like that.  

At least one true crime book has been done. I dunno about the drama. Many, tho not all, female serial killers have jobs in the "helping" professions. haha They "help" the patients into the hereafter. Police? Well, certainly there are a number of cops who've murdered people, not even while they're working. A recent case in MA, one cop shot at another cop, whom he suspected of having an affair w/his wife (who worked with, believe it or not, domestic violence victims). One shot hit him in the groin near his "jewels" another in his hand (protecting his jewels). That cop lived. The shooter later shot himself and died. 

I didn't mean cops as killers so much, but as having that craving for "life or death" power.  

Thinking of killer nurses is weirder, though.  


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