Just want to say to all my friends and potential new friends in here a very heartfelt Happy New Year!


May your dreams comes true. . . . and may we ALL win a Edgar or a Shamus this year!

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Oh, yes!  That would be nice!  B.R., thank you!  I'm happy to know you and wish you all the success in the world!


And may all of our struggling authors have a particularly good year!

Thanks, BR. Same to you. And for me, I have to hope 2012 runs a bit smoother than 2011. Assuming we survive the end of the Mayan calendar...

Don't worry about that calendar.  Like the old cartoon goes, they just ran out of stone while carving it. (grinning)


Hey, thanks for the greeting, B.R. May all your writing dreams come true.

Happy New Year to all!

A very happy new year right back at 'cha, and to everyone on Crimespace!


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