Knowing how much I love online networking, my husband is encouraging me to try "Second Life." I believe he's curious but leery of trying it himself. He just came back from a conference in which a Unitarian Universalist minister was raving about the virtual UU congregation she'd created in this virtual world.


I went to the site, but it looked daunting. More than that, it looked as though it could become a terrific waste of time and dangerously addictive. Supposedly you can promote your real-life products there - has anyone tried it for books? I should think the two would be mutually exclusive in that anyone who has time for Second Life probably doesn't have time to read.


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What is this? It sounds a bit like the game-playing some young people engage in, with alter egos, etc. From the point-of-view of publicity, it probably isn't worth the time investment. (Very little is, actually).
I've not tried it. I do play Eve Online and World of Warcraft, but I think Second Life is a tad different.

The key on second life as a promotional tool is how the other participants view it. If they see it as a game, then it won't likely be a good outlet.


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