I just wanted to say hello. I'm one of those writers who writes both mystery/suspense and fantasy. I have a new long short story in an anthology. Dreamspell Mystery, Vol, 1, released by L&L Dreamspell on Halloween Eve. I have three books out with editors in this genre. So as not to confuse you, I also write fantasy under my solo name Daryn Cross, and romantic comedy under my co-writin team name of Terry Campbell. Of course, most everything I write, even my own solo works, has humor, so you'll find that in Bobbye Terry and Daryn Cross works as well. It's nice to be here. I've posted a short video of the newly released short story, so enjoy.


Bobbye Terry

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Welcome, Bobbye.
Thanks to my welcomers. Just hanging the curtains. :)...
Hi & Welcome! I'm relatively new as well. I write Suburban Noir. http://suburbannoir.com
It's good to write in different genres. I am the same - I've had short stories published in various venues in crime, fantasy, horror, magical realism and more, and one crime novel out. I've got a paranormal romance/urban fantasy coming out in an anthology next year, and I'm working on a crime novel and a steampunk fantasy novel at the moment. It's easy to get stale in one groove.
Wow, John. You sound like a very prolific writer! I've written a few literary short pieces and am interested in horror. I'm not quite clear on what magical realism is. Can you describe it?
Magical realism - think Isabel Allende, or Carcia Marquez, although mine was not Latin American.

According to Wikipedia: Magic realism or magical realism is an aesthetic style or genre of fiction in which magical elements are blended into a realistic atmosphere in order to access a deeper understanding of reality.

Hope this helps.
I suppose I should have looked at Wikipedia.

Thanks for the examples, that helps me put it in context!
Welcome to Crimespace, Bobbye.
Thanks Mark!
Hi Bobbye and welcome. I think we're a great bunch here on CrimeSpace - I've met a fantastic group of fellow wordsters; we now meet each week for exchange of ideas and encouragement. Goodluck in your endeavours.
Thanks Gaile!


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