Here is one reason why I think Lit Agents have no clue . . .

A writer finally gets his big break.  And AFTER 54 Lit Agents passed on his novel.  As far as I am concerned, this is a perfect example of how lit agents look for clones of clones that have proven they sell--and absolutely nothing else.


And those 54 agents--probably the same ones that are listed everywhere.  Ones that almost all of us have contacted repeatedly.  And the very same ones that keep saying 'No thanks.'

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This is not about agents or publishers, but it's related. Related in that few people are willing to take risks.
Michael Moore citing the Swedish film on THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO as an example of a smart film doing well is a bit disingenuous. That did well because the book is a major bestseller and because presumably it contains scenes of sexual sadism.
I don't think he tried hard enough. Fifty-four is not enough rejections. I think around 120 rejections on a manuscript is more like it. Still, getting an agent is difficult, but not impossible if the material is good.


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