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Cool huh?

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I don't understand what that is.

Congrats, Frank! But I am clueless as well. Is this an anthology or something that Kindle authors are doing? I checked the link but I don't know what exactly this is.This is the first time I've heard of it.


Best Wishes!

Arrgghh      (Computers!)     just go to my blog that may be easier


Kindle All Stars is the brain child of Bernard Schaffer ( A member here if memory serves) who wanted to do an anthology in the spriit of Harlan Ellison's classic Dangerous Visions. (Back in 1967) Ellison even gave this project his blessing! So head over to What Brick Wall and from there you can find the proper link for the project where you can see the growing list of contributing writers


All the proceeds go to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children

Ok, cool! Heading over to see more about it!

Best Wishes!


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