J.K. Rowling has a tough choice.  Already considered the richest woman in Britain, she's soon to be the richest person in the world.  Betcha'.  And I'm all for it.


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While I think J.K.Rowling deserved her success, I'm not altogether sure that that much money should all go to one person.


However, if the publishers are panting for Harry Potter e-books, then that only illustrates the value of electronic rights for all authors.  Beware of signing them away just to get a print contract, as many of us did.

I have all the books and love them.
I recently bought an electronic reading device and while I'd like to stock my library, I don't think I will buy the Potter books again. I don't think I am alone so this leads me to the question: will the target audience for the ebook would be diehard fans or new ones?

I think the answer is: it'll be both old and new fans. That's certainly what the publishers are thinking.


Yes, kids are growing.  And kids have all the latest gadgets.


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